Why Willpower + Self Discipline Will Not Help You in Weight Loss

Contrary to popular belief, more willpower and more self-restraint are not the answer to weight loss. Here’s the thing. When we attach ourselves to a specific way of eating, or to a specific diet, and then hold judgment around that … Read more

‘Science of Life’: Ayurveda Principles for a Healthy Spring

Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of being in tune with nature and working with not against the seasons. As the wisdom of Mother Nature directs the buds to sprout and the grass to grow during the months of spring, Ayurveda, India’s … Read more

What is dementia? Symptoms, stages, types, and more

  Dementia describes various symptoms of cognitive decline, like forgetfulness and difficulty communicating. This is a symptom of several underlying conditions and brain disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia is not a single disease. It’s an overall term to describe a … Read more

Will miscarriage care remain available? New laws and lawsuits threaten safe, effective care for miscarriage in the US.

Miscarriage-When you first learned the facts about pregnancy — from a parent, perhaps, or a friend — you probably didn’t learn that up to one in three ends in a miscarriage. What causes miscarriage? How is it treated? And why … Read more