OpenAI offers a not-for-profit discount on the enterprise ChatGPT product

OpenAI is taking an important step by reducing corporate ChatGPT subscriptions for non-profit organizations. The move, announced by the Microsoft-backed company, aims to increase the adoption of its artificial intelligence products in the nonprofit sector OpenAI’s rebate program for nonprofits … Read more

Tesla will recall 125,227 vehicles with faulty seat belt warning systems

Tesla is recalling 125,227 vehicles in the United States due to a malfunction in its seat belt warning system. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced the recall Friday, drawing attention to the potential risk of injury in a crash … Read more

Can You Really Turn Off AI Overview in Google Search? Here’s the Truth

theCan you disable the AI ​​shape in a Google search? If you’ve unlocked your phone to do a Google Search lately, you’ve probably noticed Google’s new language, Gemini, running. Now Google is creating answers with artificial intelligence for your search … Read more

Ritz butter-er cracker launch offer chance to win $100,000 24-carat gold bar

Indulge in luxury with Ritz’s buttery cracker launch Ritz Unveils Limited-Edition Butter-Air Cracker and $100,000 Gold Bar Giveaway Craving a taste of luxury? Discover Ritz’s newest sensation, the Buttery-er cracker, featuring a twist on the classic buttered crackers, celebrating flavor … Read more

Truth in the Social H-1B visa debate: Exposing Trump’s double standards

Actual Social H-1B Visa Debate: Tanglin Trump’s Two Cases In the wake of TrutSocial’s H-1B visa controversy, the discourse on immigration reform and corporate accountability has reignited. The polarizing saga of Trump’s double narrative reveals its complexity and mirrors broader … Read more

Protect your small business: To understand the rise of cyber-attacks and how to protect your company

Protect your small business. The proliferation of connected devices and rapid digitization have expanded cybercriminals’ attack options, offering more opportunities to exploit vulnerabilities and infiltrate small business networks. Small businesses, often operating on smaller budgets, are prime targets for cybercriminals … Read more

Tech integration revolution: Google combines Android and Pixel divisions for AI-powered innovation

Google combines Android and Pixel divisions: a paradigm shift in tech integration   As a reminder, Google has announced a meeting of its Android software division to partner with the hardware arm of Pixel smartphones and Fitbit wearables. This strategic … Read more

Unveiling the Puzzle: Journey of Phish with Bi in the Sphere (Technical Marvel)

Phish’s Unprecedented Journey at the Sphere: A technological marvel Phish technical marvel: Sets new standards   Phish’s recent four-night stint at the Sphere in Las Vegas has drawn consternation and praise from fans and tech enthusiasts alike. Equipped with state-of-the-art … Read more

Skydance Media’s potential merger with Paramount Global is boosting earnings forecasts

Skydance Media’s Strategic Growth Plans and Paramount Worldwide Integration Partnership   Skydance Media, the popular independent agency led by David Ellison, is poised for significant expansion in the coming years, according to a recent Wall Street Journal report. With exclusive … Read more

Offering $150 million in ramp funding: Fintech value recovered

Ramp raised $150 million: Petrol growth in Fintech   Ramp’s successful fundraising not only underscores investor confidence in the company’s growth trajectory but also underscores the fintech industry’s resilience and adaptability to changing market dynamics. The $150 million inflow provides … Read more