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OpenAI offers a not-for-profit discount on the enterprise ChatGPT product

OpenAI is taking an important step by reducing corporate ChatGPT subscriptions for non-profit organizations. The move, announced by the Microsoft-backed company, aims to increase the adoption of its artificial intelligence products in the nonprofit sector OpenAI’s rebate program for nonprofits … Read more

Tesla will recall 125,227 vehicles with faulty seat belt warning systems

Tesla is recalling 125,227 vehicles in the United States due to a malfunction in its seat belt warning system. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced the recall Friday, drawing attention to the potential risk of injury in a crash … Read more

Lok Sabha Election Update: Campaigning for the 7th and final phase is over

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Final Phase Results The seventh and final campaign for Lok Sabha elections 2024 is over. The main focus now is on polling day, set for Saturday, June 1. This concludes a tough voting process for six … Read more

Trump Media Stock Falls After Donald Trump Is Guilty In Criminal Hush Money Trial

The Trump Media Group is falling apart after being convicted in Donald Trump’s criminal hush money trial. Trump Media & Technology shares fell 15% after Donald Trump announced his guilty plea on all 34 counts at his criminal hush-money trial … Read more

Can You Really Turn Off AI Overview in Google Search? Here’s the Truth

theCan you disable the AI ​​shape in a Google search? If you’ve unlocked your phone to do a Google Search lately, you’ve probably noticed Google’s new language, Gemini, running. Now Google is creating answers with artificial intelligence for your search … Read more

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi Helicopter Crash 2024

The chopper crashed in Jolfa in the hilly northwestern locale of the nation on May 19.   The occurrence occurred as Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and others got back from visiting Iran’s line with Azerbaijan.   Highlights of the Iran … Read more

2024 Lok Sabha elections update : Modi eyes big wins in Phase 4 Lok Sabha vote

Modi eyes enormous successes in Stage 4 Lok Sabha vote In the fourth stage 2024 Lok Sabha elections of casting a ballot which is occurring today: For 96 Lok Sabha seats and to choose another administration in Andhra Pradesh. In … Read more

U.S. House Passes TikTok Ban Bill over National Security Concerns: What’s Next?

In a bipartisan move, the United States House of Representatives passed a bill that could spell the end of the TikTok regime in the country. Now headed to the Senate, the bill marks a significant escalation in the battle between … Read more

The rationale for the upgrade: Mortgage rate spikes in April 2024—what does that mean for homebuyers?

A boom in mortgage rates: an analysis of the impact on homebuyers The recent surge in housing costs carries significant implications for prospective homebuyers, prompting a reevaluation of affordability and financing options. Such spikes can introduce new challenges to their … Read more

Ritz butter-er cracker launch offer chance to win $100,000 24-carat gold bar

Indulge in luxury with Ritz’s buttery cracker launch Ritz Unveils Limited-Edition Butter-Air Cracker and $100,000 Gold Bar Giveaway Craving a taste of luxury? Discover Ritz’s newest sensation, the Buttery-er cracker, featuring a twist on the classic buttered crackers, celebrating flavor … Read more