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Reggie Bush to Get Heisman Trophy Back

Reggie Bush to Get Heisman Trophy Back Fourteen years after having his Heisman Trophy forfeited due to an improper benefits investigation, the hardware is being returned to former USC running back Reggie Bush. According to news, the Heisman Trust plans … Read more

Trump latest news-“Legal Showdown: Judge Slams Trump Lawyer

Trump’s latest news-“Legal Showdown: Judge Slams Trump Lawyer, Citing Credibility Loss in Hush Money Trial” The judge overseeing Donald Trump’s criminal hush money trial on Tuesday told Trump’s lawyer he is “losing all credibility” as he considered whether the former … Read more

Dive into the Fortnite Festival: Billy Eilish takes center stage with Neon Green Skin and Exclusive Instruments

Billy Eilish will join the Fortnite Festival, combining music and gaming. Billy Elish’s foray into the Fortnite Festival showcases his versatility as an artist and highlights the changing landscape of entertainment in the digital age. As one of the most … Read more

Purple planets: A new sign of potential alien life found by researchers

“Purple planets: A new sign of potential alien life found by researchers.”   It’s likely for astronomers combing the cosmos for signs of extra-terrestrial life to stumble upon a habitable planet That scarcely resembles Earth. Such a world may even … Read more

Senate Sends $95B Foreign Aid Bill to Biden

Senate Sends $95B Foreign Aid Bill to Biden. The bill’s final passage came late Tuesday After a comparatively easy path through the Senate. The Senate on Tuesday evening passed a $95 billion foreign aid package, sending to President Joe Biden’s … Read more

Truth in the Social H-1B visa debate: Exposing Trump’s double standards

Actual Social H-1B Visa Debate: Tanglin Trump’s Two Cases In the wake of TrutSocial’s H-1B visa controversy, the discourse on immigration reform and corporate accountability has reignited. The polarizing saga of Trump’s double narrative reveals its complexity and mirrors broader … Read more

Protect your small business: To understand the rise of cyber-attacks and how to protect your company

Protect your small business. The proliferation of connected devices and rapid digitization have expanded cybercriminals’ attack options, offering more opportunities to exploit vulnerabilities and infiltrate small business networks. Small businesses, often operating on smaller budgets, are prime targets for cybercriminals … Read more

Eva Evans “Club Rat” creator, dies at 29

  Eva Evans “Club Rat” creator, dies at 29.   Eva Evans, New York TikTok star Eva Evans and ‘Club Rat’ creator, dies at 29.   Evans had more than 300,000 followers on TikTok, where she was known for sharing … Read more

Starbucks vs. United States NLRB: Supreme Court Conflicts and Implications for Employee Rights

Outcome of the case Starbucks vs. United States NLRB Starbucks is involved in a legal battle over workers’ rights in the U.S., specifically the extent to which companies can influence unionization efforts. It is challenging the National Labor Relations Board … Read more

Brewers’ Jakob Junis hit in neck by line drive in batting practice, taken to hospital

Brewers’ Jakob Junis hit in neck During batting practice Brewers’ Jakob Junis was hit in the neck by a line drive and was hospitalized.   Jakob Junis of the Milwaukee Brewers was taken away in an ambulance after being hit … Read more