Paul, who first made the Orange as walk-on in 2018

Brendan Paul arrested on drug charges, accused of being Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ mule

Previous Syracuse player Brendan Paul was captured on drug charges, blamed for being Sean ‘Diddy’ Brushes’ donkey.

Paul, who previously made the Orange as a stroll in 2018, was named in a February claim.

Previous Syracuse monitor Brendan Paul was captured Monday on two medication-related charges, per Miami-Dade (Florida) Region police records.

According to information provided by law enforcement agencies to the Associated Press, the arrest occurred while federal agents conducted raids on the properties of rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs in Los Angeles and Miami as part of an alleged investigation into sex trafficking.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by reports, Paul was arrested at Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport on felony charges of possessing marijuana candy and possession of suspected cocaine.

The oath adds that officials found cocaine and edibles in Paul’s satchels. Paul was delivered on a $2,500 bond Tuesday, and he has a conference set for April 24.

Regardless of the timing, this capture was not connected with Brushes’ properties being assaulted.

In any case, Paul’s name has come up regarding Brushes’ sex dealing charges.

Back in February, Rodney “Lil Pole” Jones documented a government claim blaming Looks Over for physically mishandling people. Moreover, Jones said Paul “functions as Mr. Brushes’ donkey.

He gains and circulates Mr. Brushes medications and firearms.” Brushes denied the rape claims in December.

“We do not plan on trying this case in the media — all issues will be dealt with in court,” Paul’s attorney, Brian Bieber, told The Athletic.

Paul joined Syracuse men’s ball group as a stroll in 2018, playing in 16 games north of two seasons.

He played 35 games over two seasons for the Fighting Falcons in Division-II Fairmont State before finishing his college career there.

Brendan Paul: Who is He?

Brendan Paul
Brendan Paul finishing semester with Syracuse basketball, exploring transfer options

Mr Paul has not yet made any public comments regarding the allegations or his arrest, either personally or through an attorney.

On the day he was captured, Mr Paul purportedly had a stash of cocaine inside his satchels.

The 25-year-old was reserved for cocaine and controlled substance ownership and delivered

on Tuesday in the wake of posting a $2,500 bail, per Miami-Dade District court records.

His most memorable hearing is booked for 24 April.

Notwithstanding purportedly filling in as a partner of Brushes, Mr Paul’s home records him as residing with his folks in their Mortification Falls, Ohio, home.

Mr Paul played at Syracuse after going to Brewster Foundation, a confidential live-in school in New Hampshire,

and Hawken Secondary School in Ohio.

Following two years at Syracuse, he moved to Fairmont State for the 2020-21 season, where he played for an additional two years.

After his school playing vocation finished he allegedly turned into a beginner music maker, as indicated by the New York Post.

He worked as Combs’ producer on The Love Album, which is probably how the two of them met.

Mr Paul was captured while with Brushes at the air terminal in Miami. The pair were endeavouring to load up Brushes’ confidential plane when government specialists dipped in and arrested the 25-year-old.

Government specialists later assaulted Brushes’ home and held onto PC hardware and other proof supposedly applicable to a continuous sex dealing examination.

Brushes has denied any bad behaviour, and has considered the examination a “witch chase.” He likewise blamed government authorities for utilizing “unreasonable power” against his youngsters and staff during their assault on his home.

“Recently, there was a ridiculous abuse of military-level power as court orders were executed at Mr Brushes’ home.

There is not a good reason for the unreasonable demonstration of power and aggression displayed by specialists or

how his youngsters and representatives were dealt with,” Brushes’ lawyer, Aaron Dyer, said in an explanation.

Brendan Paul Diddy’s homes in Los Angeles, Miami raided by Homeland Security Investigations

Brendan Paul Diddy’s homes in Los Angeles, Miami were attacked by Country Security Examinations

Jones’ revised claim follows the detailed strike of two of Brushes’ homes.

The homes were purportedly looked at by HSI on Monday as a feature of a government examination.

Government authorities attacked Brushes’ Los Angeles home Monday,

as per Drifter and neighbourhood Los Angeles news station Fox 11, amid claims documented against

him from informers charging the rapper and music magnate has assaulted or physically attacked them.

Rolling Stone and The Associated Press reported that on Monday, agents also searched Combs’ Miami residence.

The day after Brushes’ homes were assaulted, lawyer Aaron Dyer demanded the rapper’s honesty

and scrutinized the government attack for its “absurd abuse of military-level power.”

Dyer added that Brushes was not confined by specialists, nor were any of the rapper’s relatives captured during the assault.

“This remarkable snare – matched with a high level, facilitated media presence –

prompts an untimely race to the judgment of Mr Brushes and is just a witch chase in light of

meritless allegations made in common claims,” Dyer said in a proclamation to media on Tuesday.

Paul‘s attorney, Brian Bieber, told The Athletic, “We do not plan on trying this case in the media — all issues will be dealt with in court.”


Agents also searched Combs’ Miami residence Monday, Rolling Stone and The Associated Press reported.





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