Derrick Rose Retirement: Bulls Broadcasters Fooled by Fake News

Derrick Rose Retirement: Bulls Broadcaster Fall Victim to Fake Woj Bomb in Hilarious Turn of Events


Derrick Rose retirement announcement. The Chicago Bulls broadcaster was caught in a funny live catfishing incident. During the Washington Wizards’ Saturday night game against the Chicago Bulls, the announcer was duped into posting a bogus Derrick Rose retirement announcement. An X user impersonated ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and sent a message claiming that D-Rose had retired from the NBA after 15 seasons.


While the announcer quickly addressed it on live television, he eventually came to terms with reality. His coworkers humorously made sure he faced the heat. One of the broadcasters stated, “You got duped.”Maybe it was all caps,” he said in a humorous tone.


Rose Retirement
Representational image. AFP

Before the Bulls game, the Adrian Wojnarowski spoof account deleted the message, causing chaos on the internet. Derrick Rose plays for the Memphis Grizzlies and has had an unsuccessful career since his injuries. He spent his first seven seasons with the Bulls and became the league’s youngest MVP winner.


Even though everyone thought his career would take off, he had two regrettable injuries. He tore his anterior cruciate ligament and later damaged his Achilles tendon, forcing him to miss two seasons of play. Since his comeback, the star’s game hasn’t been the same, and he’s played for various teams, including the Cavs, Knicks, and Pistons.


The Grizzlies signed him in the offseason of 2023 to serve as Ja Morant’s backup guard. Nonetheless, this new affiliation did not favor him, as injuries afflicted the entire team. Starting with D-Rose, the squad has lost several key players this season.


Rose Retirement
Derrick Rose’s future in the league: Representational image. AFP

Rose’s Retirement: Grizzlies Championship hopes and one Last Shot:


Without a doubt, the 35-year-old superstar is nearing the end of his career. It’s possible that the seasoned player still has a few seasons in him. Importantly, he may have chosen the ideal franchise to cap his career on a high note, possibly with a championship ring. After adjusting for injuries and suspensions, Ja Morant and his teammates looked formidable whenever they played with a healthy squad.


Adding Marcus Smart to a lineup that already featured dominant players like Jaren Jackson Jr. and Desmond Bane would transform the Grizzlies into a championship-winning unit. While the odds for this season are already slim after Morant suffered a season-ending injury, the following season could be the one to watch out for. However, Derrick Rose’s contract only includes one more season, thus, the Grizzlies only have one season left to assist the veteran win his championship.




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