A general view of floods caused by heavy rains, with the Burj Khalifa tower visible in the background, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 16, 2024.

Dubai sees severe flooding after getting 2 years’ worth of rain in 24 hours

Dubai sees severe flooding after getting 2 years’ worth of rain in 24 hours

Over a half foot, 6.26 crawls of the downpour were kept in the Unified Middle Easterner Emirates city between 10 p.m. neighbourhood time

Monday and 10 p.m. neighbourhood time Tuesday, as indicated by the Dubai Meteorological Office.

Dubai experienced massive flash flooding on Tuesday as a result of a year’s worth of rain,

transforming roads into rivers and flooding homes and businesses.

A stunning video showed the landing area of Dubai Global Air terminal as of late delegated

the second-most active air terminal on the planet submerged as monstrous aeroplanes endeavoured to explore floodwaters.

Huge planes seemed to be boats travelling through the overflowed air terminal as water splashed afterwards and

waves undulated through the profound water.

Interruption to air terminal tasks went on into Wednesday, with access streets impeded by flooding

furthermore, different aircraft including banner transporter Emirates revealed flight delays.

Financial plan carrier Fly Dubai dropped all trips until 10 a.m. nearby time Wednesday.

One abandoned traveller told media he went through the night at the air terminal with many others after flying in from Hong Kong late

Tuesday since there were no vehicle choices out of the terminal.

Bilal, 25, who only wanted to be referred to by his first name, stated,

“The airport is literally filling up and there is nowhere for anyone to go.”

Almost 4 inches (100 mm) of downpour fell throughout only 12 hours on Tuesday,

as per climate perceptions at the air terminal around what Dubai ordinarily keeps in a whole year, as per Joined Countries’ information.

The downpour fell so intensely and thus rapidly that a few drivers had to leave their vehicles as

the floodwater rose and streets transformed into streams.

Dubai streak flooding: A year of downpour plunges city submerged

Video from virtual entertainment showed water hurrying through a significant shopping centre and immersing the ground floor of homes.

Like the remainder of the Unified Middle Eastern Emirates, Dubai has a sweltering and dry environment.

As a result, there isn’t much rain, and many places don’t have enough infrastructure,

like drainage, to deal with big storms.

At the point when it down-poured Tuesday, it poured.

Heavy precipitation occasions like this will become more regular because of human-driven environmental change.

As the environment keeps on warming, it’s ready to absorb more dampness like a towel

and afterwards ring it out as additional outrageous spouts of flooding precipitation.

The downpour that plunged Dubai submerged is related to a bigger tempest framework crossing the Bedouin Landmass and getting across the Inlet of Oman.

This equivalent framework is likewise carrying a curiously wet climate to local Oman and southeastern Iran.

Downpour is supposed to tighten in the district however a couple of showers might wait until Wednesday before dry weather conditions return.

Dubai flash flooding: A year's worth of rain plunges city underwater
Dubai flash flooding: A year’s worth of rain plunges city underwater




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