He was going out to party with friends': Brother says he spoke to Chirag Antil 30 mins before he was shot dead in Canada

Indian student from Haryana found shot dead inside car in Canada’s Vancouver

An Indian student understudy was shot dead inside a vehicle by unidentified people in Canada’s South Vancouver, said the neighbourhood police.

Chirag Antil’s family has engaged PM Modi and Outer Undertakings

Serve S Jaishankar to assist with taking his body back to India.

Chirag Antil, the 24-year-old understudy from Haryana’s Sonipat was lethally given inside a vehicle in South Vancouver, Canada,

on Friday, was brought into the world to Mahabir Singh, a r, esigned sugar factory worker, and Sulekha.

His sibling Romit Antil told The Indian Express that Chirag had gone to Canada in September 2022 on a review visa

what’s more, used to impart a loft to his companions.

He was shot dead close to the condo on the convergence of East 55th Road and Central Avenue,

Vancouver, around 11 pm.

Indian understudy addressed sibling 30 minutes before being shot dead in Canada: ‘ Chirag Antil was extremely cheerful’

He needed to go to Canada to seek after advanced education and work there.

I last talked with him scarcely 30 minutes before he was shot dead,” Romit Antil said.

‘He was going on a mission to party with companions’:

Sibling says he addressed Chirag Antil 30 minutes before he was shot dead in Canada.

Chirag had finished his work for the day and arrived home.

Behind the place where he and his friends were staying, he had parked his car.

It very well may have been around 10.30 pm when he talked with me and let me know that he was going on a mission to party with his companions.

He sounded exceptionally blissful.

We were informed a few hours later that he had been shot to death,” he added.

Indian understudy Romit is seeking after his Ph D in Sonipat.

“I got an email from Canadian police that shook our reality.

Chirag wasn’t there when they started looking for him later.

Their companion who visited them saw many police workforce around Chirag’s vehicle

what’s more, which educated them about the episode.

At the point when they generally hurried to the spot, they discovered that Chirag was shot dead.

He stated, “The police did not share any information with them.”

That’s what Romit said “No one from the state government, nor any service of the focal government”

had up until this point moved toward Chirag’s loved ones.

We have no idea what to do or where to go.

I have settled on a few decisions regarding the telephone numbers that Canadian police partook in their mail, however, they are not uncovering any subtleties.

Our companions who are in contact with the Canadian police are additionally not ready to get anything.

Our companions went to the neighbours to check whether they could see CCTV film,

however, no one coordinated and they were seen out,” he added.

India’s department in Vancouver posted on X that it “has learnt with extraordinary distress the shooting and killing of an Indian public,

Mr Chirag Antil, living in Vancouver”, added that it had moved toward the Canadian experts for more data.

Canada 24 years Indian understudy shot dead body tracked down in vehicle by nearby police

PM Modi’s mediation looked for

Chirag’s family has engaged State Head Narendra Modi and Outer Undertakings Pastor S Jaishankar to assist with taking his body back to India.

Conversing with the media, NSUI public president Varun Chaudhary, who has taken up Chirag’s case with the Service of Outer Undertakings, said, “Chirag Antil’s sibling Romit is in contact with me.

The family has lost everything. I’m likewise composing a letter to the Outside Issues Priest Mr S Jaishankar so that Antil’s body can be brought back.

Antil’s family let me know that they are not getting any help from any place and, surprisingly, the police there in Canada are not uncovering any subtleties.”

Choudhary kept in touch with Jaishankar looking for the outer undertakings service’s mediation, backing and help to the dispossessed family.

Sharing subtleties of the email that he got, Romit said, “We just received a mail from the Canadian police’s “Significant Wrongdoing Segment Examination Division Crime Group 1″, in which they composed,

‘Hello, Romit, Your sibling Chirag Antil conceived August 2, 1999, was killed at around 11:00 pm Vancouver time in the space of the 200 block of East 55th Road.

We are right off the bat in our examination and don’t have the foggiest idea who killed your sibling and will gather proof.

An examination will be finished one week from now, after that the body will be delivered and you can make plans to move him home to India’.”

In a similar mail, sent by Analyst Constable Imprint Lobel, the Canadian police shared the case’s reference number.

“I will refresh you with any data and when the post-mortem examination is finished. You can contact the BC Coroners Service after the autopsy is finished,” it said.


Indian student spoke to brother 30 minutes before being shot dead in Canada: 'Chirag Antil was very happy'
Indian student spoke to brother 30 minutes before being shot dead in Canada: ‘Chirag Antil was very happy’


canada 24 years indian student shot dead body found car by local police
Canada 24 years Indian student shot dead body found in car by local police



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