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Extremely shocking and dramatic Max Verstappen’s departure from Australia ends his winning run

Max Verstappen appears to have experienced a mechanical issue with his Red Bull,

making him an early casualty of the Australian Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen seems to disapprove of his Red Bull, making him an early setback from the Australian Terrific Prix.

While engaging for the lead in the Melbourne race, the Dutch driver encountered a surprising glitch on the rear of his vehicle,

which brought about his withdrawal as the main rival.

Max Verstappen retires from the Australian Grand Prix

 Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen suffered a rear brake issue on his Red Bull RB20 in the Australian Grand Prix.

Having taken post position for the race with a gigantic lap in qualifying,

Verstappen drove away toward the beginning effortlessly at the same time, with the DRS empowered after only one hustling lap,

the Dutch driver ended up going under tension from Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari.

Max Verstappen experienced a back brake issue on his Red Bull RB20 in the Australian Fabulous Prix.

Whining about his vehicle feeling “free”, it immediately became clear that something was the issue with

his RB20 as the right-back corner of his vehicle started to smoke gravely before bursting into flames.

Verstappen had the option to withdraw back to the pits, where it immediately became apparent

there was no possibility of going on in the race.

The Dutch driver, who has come out on top in nine races since the Singapore Stupendous Prix last year,

has finished an extensive series of wins. He was expecting to tie the record 10-race streak he set the earlier year.

As the examination concerning the occasion has started, Red Bull has checked that Verstappen’s retirement was because of a back brake issue.

Carlos Sainz holds a sizable lead in the Australian Fantastic Prix because Verstappen retires from the race.

The Ferrari driver desires to imitate his unimaginable exhibition in the Singapore GP to exploit Verstappen’s issues.

Max Verstappen: It was like driving with the handbrake on

Max Verstappen: It was like driving with the handbrake on

Addressing television teams following his retirement, Verstappen said the issue with the RB20 had happened the moment the race started.

“We could find in the information that, when the lights went off, the right back brake just stuck on,” he said.

Normally, the temperature kept rising. That implies that the handbrake was connected, which is the reason I saw immediately that the vehicle felt peculiar while turning bends. It was simply amazingly energetic.

“I was truly content with what we were doing, and the vehicle was truly right on target during the laps to the network”.

Nonetheless, it explains that it is inadequate on the off chance that a brake is stuck.

“You advanced quickly when the lights went out, and we could see the right back brake was simply stuck on.”

Speaking to TV crews following his retirement, Verstappen said the issue with the RB20 had happened the instant the race began.






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