Why affluent Americans want a second passport: A guide to housing diversification

Citing the risk of instability, the rich get a second passport

In today’s uncertain global environment, wealthy Americans seek a more significant safety net by acquiring second-class citizenship and residency to minimize economic risk and control geopolitical prudence. Undoubtedly, this trend is changing the concept of citizenship.

Passport Portfolio: Citizenship Issues

Why do wealthy Americans have second passports?

The decision to seek second citizenship stemmed from several factors. When the U.S. remains the preferred destination, successful individuals recognize the importance of diversifying their savings, citizenship, and residency. Dominic Volek, group manager for entrepreneurial individuals at Henley & Partners, highlights the appeal of diversity in the face of change and uncertainty.


  • Provide a safety net during instability.
  • It provides increased mobility and offers global opportunities.
  • Facilitates business and financial transactions.


  • Economic consequences, including exit taxes.
  • Strict legal and bureaucratic procedures.
  • Possible social and cultural alienation from first-class citizenship.

Notables: Peter Thiel and Eric Schmidt

Celebrities like billionaire tech investor Peter Thiel and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt have made headlines by acquiring second-class citizenship. Their decisions highlight diversification’s appeal and strategic value in an unpredictable world.

Top sites for wealthy Americans

Among Americans, Portugal, Malta, Greece, and Italy are emerging as major destinations for passport renewals. Each state offers unique residency and citizenship policies tailored to investors with different financial needs. Portugal’s “Golden Visa” program and Malta’s real estate investment program are perfect for their accessibility and profitability.


  • Access to EU rights and privileges.
  • Flexibility in accommodation and travel arrangements.
  • Potential for real estate investment returns.


  • A financial commitment is required for participation.
  • Legislative changes and irregularities.
  • Limited and competitive program slots.

Profit exceeding limit

A second passport facilitates travel and is an asset for business and personal endeavors. They provide some protection and flexibility for individuals going through various situations, whether for leisure, work, or retirement purposes.


  • Reduces the risk associated with geopolitical tension.
  • Expand business opportunities and market penetration.
  • Enhance the quality of life and personal mobility.


  • Potential increase in analysis and administrative burden.
  • Challenges of cultural change in other areas.
  • Family and social considerations during displacement.

Projected growth in millionaire immigration

Henley & Partners has predicted that millionaire migration will increase by 2024, driven by global instability and economic uncertainty. The U.S. remains a good place, attracting successful wealth-seeking individuals who will create opportunity and stability amid geopolitical change


  • Strengthen global economic integration and diversity.
  • Stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Promote cross-cultural communication and collaboration.


  • Increases wealth inequality and social inequality.
  • Raises questions about national identity and sovereignty.
  • Increase the competitiveness of goods and services.

Important customisation

As the state of citizenship and residency evolves, so must our understanding of travel and its belonging. Affluent Americans, like their counterparts around the world, are adapting to a rapidly changing world by changing geographic locations and embracing global citizenship rights.

Considering the changing landscape of citizenship and residency, it’s clear that affluent Americans navigate complex economic uncertainty and geopolitical risks. Requiring a second passport represents a practical solution to alleviate these challenges and a fundamental shift in how individuals perceive and protect their wealth and security in an acquiring world and a more significant relationship.

The incentives for obtaining a second passport are multifaceted. While the desire to hedge financial risk and navigate geopolitical uncertainty is vital, cultural considerations, lifestyle preferences, and family ties play an essential role in the decision-making process, as do underlying factors such as the pursuit of upward mobility, access to global opportunities, and the desire for greater flexibility in the private sector.

In conclusion, the pursuit of a second passport by wealthy Americans represents a strategic response to the challenges of our time. It is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of individuals themselves to uncertainties. Through their citizenship and residency policies, they protect their futures and contribute to the stability and prosperity of the global community. As we navigate the challenges of the 21st century, we embrace a future that celebrates mobility, diversity, and flexibility as pillars of strength.


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