Donald Trump Shares VP Pick Update

Who would Donald Trump chose for Vice President?

Who would Donald Trump choose as his running mate for the 2024 US Presidential Election?


After he got much-anticipated support on Super Tuesday when it became clear that there was no opponent left in the race for the official candidature of the Republicans, this question has popped up prominently several times.


The ideas being discussed at present are whether a woman on the ticket would help him win back suburban women who abandoned him in the last election, or if choosing a person of colour would be a smart move. Donald Trump‘s vice presidential list is ever growing. But at least one prominent candidate has a special challenge: Marco Rubio, a senator from Trump‘s own home state of Florida.


The U.S. Constitution and the rules of the Electoral College discourage running mates from the same state.


That’s actually why Dick Cheney changed his residency from Texas back to Wyoming in 2000 as George W. Bush made him the vice-presidential nominee.


Trump aides said he does not have a VP shortlist − he has a long list that is getting longer by the week.


They also said he’s not close to making a final announcement and may not do so before the opening of the Republican National Convention on July 15.


Rubio appears to be a serious contender for the VP nomination, though, and again fanned speculation over the weekend when he said he’d be “honoured” to do the job despite once calling Trump a “con artist.”


 Trump’s poll strategists huddle


 Trump’s poll strategists and managers at Mar-a-Lago agree that any person for the No. 2 spot on the ticket must include some Trump-specific requirements that defy demographics.


These include absolute loyalty to the Trump brand, and a willingness to filter every decision and public comment through a subservient lens.


Trump vice presidential
Marco Rubio For Trump VP? Reports Emerge Amid Speculation

At the present time, two officials said, Trump is more focused on the hush money criminal trial that he faces starting on April 15 than picking a running mate.


Another priority is raising money both for the campaign, and for the massive civil judgments that have been entered against him.


That said, Trump is getting lots of advice about his running mate from supporters of the various prospective candidates, including Rubio.


As with other politicians, Trump has blown hot and cold on Rubio.


He criticized the Florida senator for holding off on an endorsement − but has been effusive in his praise since Rubio actually did the deed right before the Iowa Caucus.


Trump aides are aware of potential Electoral College problems with picking Rubio but said they can be dealt with. Cheney is the most prominent example, they said.


Trump- Both Zeldin and Stefanik impress 


Both Zeldin and Stefanik have impressed Trump with their outspokenness. While Stefanik might help with women with an identity-politics angle, Zeldin would give Trump a Jewish running mate at a time when the Democrats’ group is cracking along Israel-Palestine fault lines.


Trump- Both Zeldin and Stefanik impress 
Trump- Both Zeldin and Stefanik impress

Besides, Zeldin also demonstrated with his gubernatorial campaign what a disciplined GOP effort can accomplish short of actually winning it.


Trump-Angling for VP job?


The constitutional questions aren’t quieting VP chatter about Rubio, though, and he isn’t doing anything to discourage it either. His behavior points toward him wanting the job, Wagner said.


“He’s had plenty of opportunities to say he is not interested in the job and he has chosen not to, so more than anything else he’s done that suggests at the very least he’s considering the possibility,” Wagner said.


A Cuban American, Rubio could help Trump appeal to Hispanic voters. He also may appeal to other GOP voters and leaders who are nervous about Trump. Rubio has been deeply engaged on foreign policy issues in the Senate.


“Rubio’s also well-considered in the establishment, especially among the foreign policy establishment, and that might be calming for the foreign policy establishment in the party,” Wagner said.


Trump is not likely to shutdown speculation about most potential VP candidates, aides said.


During a recent trip to the U.S.-Mexico border, Trump said he would consider Texas Gov. Greg Abbott as a running mate. He is considered a long shot.


On the other hand, Trump and his aides have dismissed the chances of former presidential candidates Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy and Ron DeSantis (another Floridian).


Rubio was strongly critical of Trump when he ran against him in 2016.


“What we are dealing with my friends is a con artist, he is a con artist,” Rubio said of Trump back then in a clip played Sunday. “First of all, he runs on this idea that he is fighting for the little guy, but he has spent his entire career sticking it to the little guy.”


“Friends do not let friends vote for con artists,” Rubio added in the 2016 clip.



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