Warning to West. Valdimar Putin’s Nuclear Weapons Statement.

Significance of Vladimir Putin’s Nuclear Weapons Statement.


In an interview, Putin assures state media that Russia is ready to deploy nuclear weapons if threatened. A Russian leader keeps the door open for talks on Ukraine.
Valdimar Putin’s nuclear war may be significant.


Warning to West. Valdimar Putin's Nuclear Weapons Statement. Nuclear war
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President Vladimir Putin stated that Russia is prepared to deploy nuclear weapons if there is a threat to Russian statehood, sovereignty, or independence. Still, he hoped that the United States would avoid taking steps that could lead to nuclear conflict.


Putin’s comments were another stern message to the West ahead of this week’s presidential election, in which he is almost expected to win another six-year term.


In an interview with Russian state television that aired early Wednesday, Putin hailed US President Joe Biden as a veteran politician who understands the dangers of escalation and stated that he does not believe the world is going toward a nuclear war.


At the same time, he stated that Russia’s nuclear forces are fully operational, and “from a military-technical standpoint, we’re prepared.”


The Russian president made the remarks to RIA Novosti and Rossiya 1 before the March 15 presidential election, in which it is generally anticipated that he will easily win a fifth term in power and as his full-scale conflict in Ukraine enters its third year.


Putin stated that Russia is military and technically prepared for a nuclear conflict but did not claim one was imminent. He cautioned that if US forces were deployed in Ukraine, Russia would regard them as interventionists.


He threatened to label US troops as interventionists if they were sent to Ukraine.


“Aside from (US President Joe) Biden, numerous other experts in Russian-American relations and strategic restraint exist. So I don’t think everything will happen head-on here, but we’re prepared,” Putin remarked.


Putin stated that the United States is also building nuclear weapons, but this does not imply that they are prepared to “launch a nuclear war tomorrow.”


“They establish tasks to boost modernism and creativity and have a corresponding plan. We are also aware of the situation. They are developing all of their components. “So are we,” Putin replied.


“Weapons exist so that we can use them. “We have our principles.”


Earlier last month, two senior US government officials told CNN that in late 2022, the US began “preparing rigorously” for Russia potentially hitting Ukraine with a nuclear bomb.


The Biden administration was particularly anxious that Russia would deploy a tactical or battlefield nuclear weapon, according to the individuals.


The Russian president also addressed recent Ukrainian strikes on Russian sites, which have increased in recent weeks as Moscow’s soldiers advance along the essentially frozen battle line in eastern Ukraine.


“The main goal, I do not doubt it, is to, if not disrupt the presidential elections in Russia, then at least interfere with the normal process of expressing citizens’ will,” he said, referring to the March 15–17 poll.


It is anticipated that Putin, who has ruled the nation since 2000, will be granted another six-year term following the election.


Ukraine’s military has been pushing deeper into Russian territory, targeting multiple oil facilities with drone attacks. In contrast, anti-Putin Russian volunteer militias claim to have crossed the border into Kursk and Belgorod.


Ukraine began a sweeping midnight drone strike on numerous Russian districts on Tuesday, the second night in a row. According to a Ukrainian source cited by Reuters, oil refineries in Ryazan, Kstovo, and Kirishi, a Russian airbase in Buturlinovka, and a military airstrip in the Voronezh region were targeted.


The strike ignited Rosneft’s largest oil refinery in Ryazan, barely 180 kilometres (112 miles) from Moscow. “Judging by the videos online, the consequences were fairly significant,” a source familiar with the matter said.


Putin also stated in his interview that Russia is prepared for genuine discussions on Ukraine. However, this was coupled with a blunt demand that peace must be on his terms.


“Russia is ready for negotiations on Ukraine, but they should be based on reality and not on cravings after the use of psychotropic drugs,” he added.



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